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173 pages

Selling Used Books Online, The Complete Guide to Bookselling at Amazon's Marketplace and Other Online Sites

Creator: Stephen Windwalker | Business & Economics - 2002-03

Publisher: Harvard Perspectives Pr

165 pages

The home-based bookstore, start your own business selling used books on Amazon, eBay or your own web site

Creator: Steve Weber | Business & Economics - 2005-10-31

One of the most profitable, low-risk ideas for home businesses is selling used books online. Readers will learn everything they need to know to start this lucrative business part-time and then work as little or as much as they want.

Publisher: Stephen Weber

About this book
Want to know the most profitable, lowest-risk idea for your home business? It's selling used books online, which is growing 33 percent annually, according to a November 2005 study by U.S. publishers. Learn how to start your business part-time, then work as little or as much as you want. This step-by-step guide, written by one of the most successful and highly rated sellers on Amazon.com and eBay, includes everything you need to know: -- Where to find books Find books in your own neighborhood to resell profitably to a worldwide pool of ready buyers. Get the best sources for valuable used books at low prices. -- Where to sell Learn how to list your books to sell at the best price on Amazon.com and eBay, and even your own Web store. -- Which books to buy What to look for in fiction, nonfiction, and collectibles to resell at the highest profits. -- Grading and pricing your books How to describe and price your books. Learn what buyers are looking for. -- Handling customers Tips on handling online book buyers. See the author's time-tested scripts for responding to customer issues. Learn how you can get and maintain high feedback ratings. -- Fulfilling orders Easy-to-use ideas for storing, organizing, and shipping your books and handling returns. -- Automation tools Maximize your efficiency with these tips on automating your business. Automatically notify customers about shipments, and print postage to ship your books without leaving home. -- Taxes and legal requirements How to register your business to obtain the proper permits and be exempted from paying sales tax on your inventory. -- Exclusive list of wholesale book distributors Exclusive profiles and contact info for 32 wholesaledistributors of used and new books. Order inventory at up to 90 percent off retail, shipped right to your door. About the author: Steve Weber started his home-based bookstore as a hobby in March 2000. Two months later, he quit his day job to sell used books full-time on Amazon.com and eBay, using his one-bedroom apartment in Virginia as warehouse and shipping depot. In the meantime, he has sold more than $1 million of used books to buyers in all 50 states and 31 foreign countries. In this step-by-step guide, Weber tells you how he took $80 in savings to buy his first batch of books, then invested the profits to build a successful business, and how you can too.

402 pages

Strategic Management, Competitiveness and Globalization, Concepts

Creator: Michael A. Hitt, R. Duane Ireland, Robert E. Hoskisson | 2010-01-01

Let's be clear—Amazon did not create the digital book. E-books have been available for several years, but access to and use of e-books has not been necessarily easy. But, with the development of the Kindle ...

Publisher: South-Western Pub

About this book
Introduce strategic management concepts using the market-leading text that sets the standard for the most complete, relevant presentation. Written by highly respected experts and prestigious scholars, Hitt/Ireland/Hoskisson's STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT: COMPETITIVENESS AND GLOBALIZATION, CONCEPTS, 9E provides an intellectually rich, yet thoroughly practical, analysis of strategic management concepts today. This unique text is the only one to integrate the classic industrial organization model with a resource-based view of the firm to give readers a complete understanding of how today's businesses use strategic management to establish sustained competitive advantage. The authors present cutting-edge research and strategic management trends within a strong global focus, using memorable examples from more than 600 companies. A wealth of learning features, CengageNOW online tools, and an electronic business library further help you prepare students to face the broad range of issues confronting mangers today.

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Get the perfect used Kindle and save big. Buy a Kindle for some of the lowest prices on the internet.

How to Buy a Used Kindle | eHow
How to Buy a Used Kindle. With their nifty electronic paper technology and user-friendly layout, Kindles are THE high-tech reader for the 21st Century! Unfortunately ...


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  • Amazon

    Kindle, 6" Glare-Free Touchscreen Display, Wi-Fi - Includes Special Offers

    Amazon Devices (Amazon)
    List Price: $79.00

    Kindle-exclusive features-Kindle now has the same software features as Kindle Paperwhite, including Goodreads integration, Kindle FreeTime, Vocabulary Builder, Page Flip, and more.
    Twice the storage-Carry thousands of books on the go, with double the on-device storage.
    New touchscreen-With a glare-free touchscreen that looks like real paper, you can read as easily in bright sunlight as in your living room.
    Faster page turns-A 20% faster processor delivers smooth, quick page turns.

  • Amazon

    Kindle, 6" E Ink Display, Wi-Fi - Includes Special Offers (Previous Generation - 5th)

    Amazon Ereaders (Amazon)
    List Price: $69.00

    Download books in 60 seconds with built-in Wi-Fi - holds over 1,000 books
    Up to one-month battery life on a single charge
    Reads like real paper with no glare, even in bright sunlight
    Weighs less than 6 ounces - lighter than a paperback and fits in your pocket

  • Lynetta Halat

    Used (Unlovable, #1) (Unlovable Series)

    eBooks (Lynetta Halat)

  • Amazon

    Certified Refurbished Kindle Paperwhite, 6" High Resolution Display with Next-Gen Built-in Light, Wi-Fi - Includes Special Offers

    Amazon Devices (Amazon)

    Rating (0 reviews):

    More evolutionary than revolutionary, but worth the upgrade

    This is the fifth e-ink Kindle reader that I've bought. My wife and I were early adopters of Kindle, and when we buy a new Kindle, the old one goes to the next niece or nephew in line. I loved the original Paperwhite, with its small size, touch screen, front-lighting, and virtual keyboard. The all-new Paperwhite is a definite step up, and for me, it was worth the move, but others will have to decide for themselves. If you read a lot, and you don't already have one of the newer e-ink Kindles, it's definitely worth upgrading to the Paperwhite. If you have the original Paperwhite, the upgrade is well worth considering. Although I've only had the new Paperwhite a few hours, I'm already glad I upgraded. Here's a summary of my initial impressions of the new Paperwhite.SIZE: It's the same size as the original Paperwhite - 6.7"x4.6"x0.36". The weight has been reduced slightly from 7.8 ounces to 7.3 ounces. The Paperwhite is very comfortable to hold in one hand, which is how I... 5/5 J. Chambers (Georgia, United States) - See all my reviews, September 30, 2013

    A new step forward for me in reading on my Kindle!

    Customer Video Review Length:: 8:37 MinsI have loved and used my Kindle Keyboard for years now but I missed not being able to read it in a room with low lighting or in the dark. I purchased a Kindle Fire and I also use an iPad 3 but for ease of reading on my eyes I prefer the Kindle Keyboard. I wanted to get a Kindle Paperwhite e-Reader but I held off until this new generation was released before I spent my money. I got this because I wanted to reduce my eyestrain from reading in the evening and I just love this new tablet. It offers the perfect balance of a lit screen with reduced eyestrain and high clarity and contrast of the text.I have added a video of the Kindle Paperwhite compared to a Kindle Keyboard and a Kindle Fire. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and I will try to answer them.I love that the text on the screen is crisp and clear. I use the Kindle because my declining vision caused me to stop reading books. Reading was my number one... 5/5 JJCEO (Greenwood, Indiana) - See all my reviews, September 30, 2013

    Good as a first Paperwhite, not worthy of an upgrade

    This review is for the second generation Kindle Paperwhite. Like all kindle e-readers before it, this is a great product. However, I am a bit disappointed as there is not a huge improvement over last year's model. For this review, I focused on features and enhancements exclusive to the new Paperwhite and tried to make comparisons to last year's model. Also, I found somethings misrepresented or confusing in the advertising, so I will try to clear them up.HARDWAREDesign - The Kindle white has a nice look and shape. It fits well and is easy to hold in one hand. It's fairly light, so it doesn't tire the hands too much. I can grip it for long periods before having to switching hands. Its design is very similar to the previous Paperwhite - almost identical. The height and width are the same, the buttons are in the same location, and although this version is slightly lighter, it is not noticeable.Display - Although not a huge improvement from last year's... 3/5 D. Carlson - See all my reviews, September 30, 2013
    List Price: $109.00
    Price: $79.00
    You Save: $30.00 (28%)
    Read with one hand - over 30% lighter than iPad mini
    No screen glare in bright sunlight
    Next-gen built-in light - read without eyestrain
    Battery lasts weeks, not hours

  • Amazon

    Kindle Fire HD 8.9", Dolby Audio, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, 16 GB - Includes Special Offers (Previous Generation - 2nd)

    Amazon Tablets (Amazon)

    Rating (0 reviews):

    My Thoughts (Typed Using The Kindle Fire HD 8.9)

    Let me start out by saying that I am new to the tablet world and have had no experience using any tablets prior to this purchase. That being said, I spent a great deal of time fishing around through reviews and specs of what seemed like countless tablets for months. The obvious cliche conclusion led to all fingers pointing at some variation of an iPad, yet for me, I do not see much sense in purchasing a tablet (regardless of brand) for around the same price as a cheap yet descent laptop that will have more potential.Enter the Kindle Fire HD.I will spare you the story on my process of how I ended up choosing a Fire HD and get right to what you all want to know: my thoughts and experience thus far with the product.Picture: (10/10)I will start with this since obviously that was the first thing i noticed. In a word, incredible. Now its not "eye popping" or anything out of this world, but i can honestly say it exceeded my expectations and i was... 5/5 Rick Mallory Jr. (Colonial Heights, Virginia) - See all my reviews, November 22, 2012

    Excellent Value and Great Gadget

    Originally published in November 2012, Updated January 19, 2013 after using this Fire for several months...As there appears to be mixed reviews of the 8.9' Fires - ones with 4G access and those without - to clarify, this review is for the 8.9" tablet with the 4G connectivity option.To get the iPad comparison out of the way, I put this tablet side-by-side to my iPad 2 I use for work. Downloads were slightly faster and the video screen resolution and the colors were more vibrant on the Fire vs. the iPad 2.Screen Display / Video Playback:With the larger HD screen, if playing video is important to you this is the version of the Fire to get as the screen display is fairly impressive with sharp and crisp colors. The display on this HD Fire was one heck of a lot better in terms of sharpness than last year's model and even this year's smaller HD model.Amazon also added a cool feature on this one with the HDMI micro connection port... 5/5 Michael Gallagher (Houston, TX) - See all my reviews, November 24, 2012

    Not the Greatest Tablet, but a Good One

    I wasn't really in the market for another tablet, but my girlfriend ended up getting one for me so she got me on this one. I would like to say that this tablet reminds me of the first Motorola Droid smartphone that came out several years back. The phone jam packed a ton of bells & whistles into its hardware and software to give a lot of bang for your buck. This is what it feels like amazon has done with the Kindle Fire 8.9. They have put a lot of advanced hardware and innovative software, so for the average user, specially someone who absorbs a lot of media, you get a lot for the price. But just because you get a lot for the price, doesn't mean it is without its flaws. This is an updated version of my likes and dislikes, (my original analysis was a bit rushed, this is more detailed):LIKESBuild QualityI like the build of this product, it has good material design and durability. It feels nice in your hands and comfortable to hold with easy access to... 3/5 D. Carlson - See all my reviews, November 16, 2012
    List Price: $269.00
    Price: $116.00
    You Save: $153.00 (57%)
    Ultra-fast dual-band, dual-antenna Wi-Fi for 40% faster downloads and streaming
    Custom Dolby audio and dual stereo speakers for crisp, booming sound without distortion
    Stunning 1920x1200 HD display with rich color and deep contrast from any viewing angle
    Over 27 million movies, TV shows, songs, magazines, books, audiobooks, and popular apps and games

  • Amazon

    Kindle Wireless Reading Device (6" Display, U.S. Wireless)

    Amazon Ereaders (Amazon)
    List Price: $259.00
    Price: $58.89
    You Save: $200.11 (77%)

  • USED: Thriller: Play the ultimate game...


  • Amazon

    Kindle DX, Free 3G, 9.7" E Ink Display, 3G Works Globally

    Amazon Ereaders (Amazon)
    List Price: $199.00

  • Amazon

    Kindle Fire HD 7", HD Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB - Includes Special Offers (Previous Generation - 3rd)

    Amazon Devices (Amazon)
    List Price: $139.00
    Price: $80.00
    You Save: $59.00 (42%)

    Ultra-fast web browsing over built-in Wi-Fi
    Robust e-mail and calendar support for Gmail, Outlook, and more
    Fast 1.5GHz dual-core processor
    1280x800 high definition LCD display with over one million pixels

  • Used


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Gift Ideas

Duality Kindle 3G Covers

geometric, abstract, personalized fractal kindle
Protect your Kindle or other 7" tablet in style with this durable folio cases from Caseable! This abstract fractal design wraps front to back around the case and can be customized with your name subtly hidden on the front cover! The design of these covers allows use with most e-readers and small tablets up to 7.8" x 5.25". Some common tablets and e-readers that should fit: Kindle Keyboard (7.5"x4.8") Kindle Touch (6.8"x4.7") Kindle 4&5 (6.5"x4.5") Kindle Paperwhite (6.7"x4.6") Kindle Fire (7.5"x4.8") Tablets that will not fit include: Kindle Fire HD (either 7.0 or 8.9") iPad Mini If in doubt, please check the manufacturer's specifications for your device before ordering.
Price: $$47.95

Kindle Custom Monogram Grey Lime Chevrons Kindle Folio Cases

contemporary, sophisticated, cute, trendy,
Customizable monogrammed Kindle case with elegant charcoal gray, bright lime green and white retro and chic chevron zigzags stripes pattern. Personalize this case with your own initial to create a truly unique case. Contact us to request a color change.
Price: $$46.95

Kindle Teal Chevron Custom Name Cases For The Kindle

cute, chic, preppy, contemporary, monogram,
Customizable Kindle case with elegant and modern light turquoise aqua blue, grey and white fun and retro chevrons zigzag stripes vintage pattern. Personalize this case with your own name or other custom text to create a truly unique case. Contact us to request a color change.
Price: $$46.95